The band The Shee draws heavily on individual influences while maintaining a collective sound. I felt that a good way to illustrate this would be through the murmuration of starlings. In this digital age, I also wished to give people something unique and personal that couldn't be experienced from simply downloading the music. My solution was to design 2000 unique album covers! Individual bird mono prints by Robyn Kinsman-Blake. Each murmuration was created by hand (hands!). I would like to thank the hands of my mum Linda and my sister Robyn who helped me with the many designs!


"The classy package, like the music within, is a true work of art." - Fetea


"It’s as much a possession and piece of art as a painting, not just an album cover." - The Revue


concept and design: me


individual bird mono prints: Robyn Kinsman-Blake




Lillias Kinsman-Blake © 2014.